“I had the pleasure of serving jointly with Gary as a co-mediator in a significant case brought against a major financial institution. By the time the mediation was held, the appellants had already filed their opening brief, while respondents had indicated that they intended to file both a motion to dismiss the appeal and a cross-appeal. The appeal raised a number of complex and novel issues and counsel were very contentious, to say the least. The parties were so far apart at the outset of the mediation that they did not even agree on which party should make a pay the other to settle the case.

”Gary’s interpersonal and analytical skills as a mediator are truly extraordinary. In joint session and in separate caucuses, he elicited important information bearing on the history of the dispute and the parties’ motivations for filing and contesting the litigation, some of which had never surfaced during the six-year history of the litigation. The parties and counsel were exceedingly stubborn and difficult to manage, particularly on one side (the principal appellant was himself an attorney with decades of experience, and was understandably defensive about the part he had played in the underlying dispute). Nevertheless, Gary was able to command their respect while still confronting them with difficult-to-hear truths about the weaknesses in their positions and their underlying conduct, which reinforced the appellate evaluation I had prepared.

”After ten hours of mediation, the case ultimately settled at 8:00 p.m. ..., resulting in a complete dismissal of the appeal and avoiding any need for further proceedings in the Superior Court. The parties and the Court are unquestionably better off, thanks to Gary’s efforts. In a word, you’re lucky to have him.”
— From a letter from Hon. Ethan Schulman, San Francisco Sonoma County, former Appellate Specialist, Crowell and Moring, San Francisco to the Court of Appeal, First Appellate District
“We had a particularly difficult mediation involving complex issues. More importantly, the parties were very emotionally invested in the case which made negotiations very difficult. Mr. Weiner demonstrated exceptional skill both on the technical issues and by virtue of his empathy, patience and compassion for the persons involved. He successfully achieved a negotiated settlement and the parties were both very pleased... He is extremely bright, responsive and clear in his analysis and elucidation.”
— Litigator, San Rafael
“In a large environmental/municipal law matter, Mr. Weiner and I served as co-mediators. It was a challenging matter, legally complex, and requiring working with minority community leaders, environmental advocates and counsel for the corporate defendant. It was also an intense matter. We worked on it for a number of days. often starting early and working late. During this experience I saw Mr. Weiner from the perspective of a co-worker toiling with parties who were long standing adversaries. This matter required exquisite legal analysis and interpersonal skills. Mr. Weiner did an excellent job. earning the admiration of counsel and the clients.”
— Attorney, Mediator and Past President of State Bar of California
“In recent years, I have found Gary to be an amazingly resourceful coordinator of the First District Court of Appeal ADR program. The Office of County Counsel is involved in a wide variety of appellate matters, and Gary’s ability and experience has proved invaluable in resolving cases. Since the County Counsel offices within Northern California collaborate on significant extra jurisdictional and statewide matters, I am pleased to report that Gary’s ‘can do’ reputation, judicial demeanor, and effective program management is recognized and respected throughout the First Appellate District.

”Prior to Gary’s work as the Appellate ADR coordinator, he was the trendsetting Sonoma County Superior Court ADR program coordinator – with great vision, leadership and success. During this period, I worked closely with Gary as a member of the Sonoma County Bar Association (SCBA) executive committee, including as 2004 SCBA President. Gary was and remains universally respected for his commitment to access to justice issues and also the important ability to turn innovative ideas into practical real-world solutions and programs. This included work in non-court activities, such as student outreach and mentoring programs, the Consensus Council, and a wide range of community social initiatives.

”Gary is the real deal who gets the job done.”
— Attorney in Public Law Office, Santa Rosa