A Main Street General Practice Lawyer: Small Town, Big Experience

When I started my law practice, it was in a very small town in Sonoma County. I helped people with legal issues they had with the town and with their neighbors — issues that affected their day-to-day lives, from buying or selling real estate, to drafting wills and trusts, to seeking compensation after a car accident.

I then went off to San Francisco, where I took on large roles handling large mediations on large topics. I built an international reputation for myself as a successful mediator and became known for my ability to help people and businesses change how they make decisions and save money.

Now, I have returned to my roots as a Main Street lawyer in Sebastopol, California. This is my home, and you are the people I want to help. Whether you are a family from Sebastopol looking for an attorney you can trust to help you with all of your legal issues, or you are from San Francisco and need a well-groomed liaison to the community, I can help you.

I handle a wide range of legal issues, including personal injury, real estate, elderly law, estate planning, end-of-life decision-making and general business consultations.

Most Families Today Don't Have A Lawyer.

It was not always so. For years, many families had an ongoing relationship with their family attorney who knew them well and was a part of the family's decision-making process in a wide range of circumstances. The family's lawyer was considered "wise counsel," or "another pair of eyes." When an important decision loomed, the family would talk together and check in with its lawyer to be sure it had not missed a legal risk, a potential benefit, or another important issue.

Today, American families usually see an attorney only when things have already gone wrong. Folks still sometimes see an attorney if they want to write a will or a trust, or if they have a bad auto accident. But how many consult an attorney before they sign a contract to do a substantial remodel? Or rent out an in-law unit? Or hire a nanny?

The reality is that legal issues can arise anytime, and having a lawyer to help you plan can save you significant time and money should issues arise.

By working with me as your family lawyer, you'll have quick and inexpensive advice from someone who already knows you and your family, and the way your life works. Learn how I can help your family by reading my page on unlimited access. Or, contact me.

Let's Discuss Your Case.

My law office is on Main Street, two blocks from the post office and right on the town square. Talk to me about your legal concerns by stopping in, filling out my online form or calling 707-483-1816. Before our initial consultation, I will have you fill out a legal checklist to help us address your concerns.